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La Fortaleza Concept
Economic Development via Arts & Culture

La Fortaleza Project respects the artists and their craft & genre. It places arts/culture on a pedestal where their historic and current contributions are noted. Cultural maintenance refers to a communities ethnic history. One goal is to support and advance the journey of bilingual literacy and literature as a means of preserving the cultural wealth represented through language and communication.


The US boasts of being a multi-ethnic and diverse nation. FDR is credited with the quote of the US being a "melting pot". Assimilation doesn't enhance multiculturalism. There is no diversity in homogeneity. La Fortaleza regards the nation as a "salad bowl". Where El Barrio/East Harlem is concerned, the focus for maintenance begins with its Boricua/Puerto Rican community. We believe that by working with this community, we are contributing to the economic growth of the Latino community, and by default, other ethnic communities in the United States. 

Arts & culture generates $90 billion to the NYC economy, but outside of the mid-town Manhattan neighborhoods of Times Square & Lincoln Center, cultural organizations, their events, activities, and services are largely ignored. With the City's principle concern not being the ethnic communities, in El Barrio/East Harlem use of local venues & locations dried up, performances & exhibitions closed.

The COVID period of 2020 - 2022 illustrated that myopic view by the City's focus on "Opening Broadway" omitting the attractions other boroughs and their communities had to offer visitors and tourists. La Fortaleza's annual Mother's Day commemoration, the HERspanic Achievement Celebration helped local restaurants rescue $300 in revenue through its COVID RESTAURANT RELIEF PROGRAM an offer of a discounted brunch menu to event attendees. Dance & mingle in a COVID safe outdoor space and savor the local cuisine. Amor Cubano, La Fonday Boricua, and Bistro Casa Azul were among participating eateries. 

We draw attention to those outer communities by regarding their locations, venues, and landmarks as assets and fountains of wealth and stability. Art & culture have been mainstays and cornerstones especially in times of distress and need. Besides live events, media production plays a vital role in documenting the living history of people that is also useful in marketing, publicity, and promotions.

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