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La Fortaleza Concept
Economic Development via Arts & Culture


La Fortaleza Project is a literary program of La Fortaleza Community Development Corporation. Its goal is to support and advance the journey of bilingual literacy and literature and arts community.  We believe that by working with this community, we are contributing to the economic growth of the Latino community in the United States. 

At the forefront of building the infrastructure to propel this literary and art journey is "El Festival del Libro/Festival of Books", a place-making live first-draft use of the printed word event featuring the literary & art communities to participate by networking, selling, marketing, and promoting their creations.

The professional services provided by El Festival del Libro, are:

1. El Festival del Libro/Festival of Books

2. Promoting & marketing Latino poets and writers. 

3. A Speaker's Bureau

4. The growing tree of El Festival del Libro creates a monetary and supportive layer or system to fulfill its economic mission -- and for the community as well.

La Fortaleza achieves its mission on behalf of our literary and art community by utilizing the following activities year-round/ongoing. 

    a. Webpage

   b. Speakers Bureau: 

   c. La Fortaleza News (Monthly publication)

   d. Poster Project

   e. Networking 

   f. Public Readings, Workshops, Seminars

   g. La Fortaleza Small Press

   h. Friends of La Fortaleza

   I. Annual Latin@ Book Fair

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