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The HERspanic Achievement Celebration

The event title is a play on words. The HERspanic Achievement Celebration is an annual commemoration of Mother's Day where the ticket buyer, patron, and sponsor CHOOSE who to honor.

The annual dinner and festivity serves to honor the actions and contributions of everyday women in the Latina community. Honorees receive a heart-shaped diamond crystal with their names engraved. The evening's entertainment includes live music, DJ, dancing, cultural performances, Stand-up comedians, writers, dance troupes, theatrical monologues, artisan crafts, & more.

Held at the Taino Towers' Crystal Ballroom, a 300 occupancy salon with dedicated stage, dance floor, wrap around balcony, and bar, the average number of honorees is 12 per event. During the COVID-19 period (2020 -2022) , La Fortaleza adapted its events and programs to meet in-door activity restrictions that threatened small business closures with our COVID-19 RESTAURANT RELIEF PLAN. It helped local restaurants, Amor Cubano, La Fonda Boricua, and Bristro Casa Azul, retain revenue due to restrictions by offering HERspanic patrons & sponsors a discount Brunch ticket. Their take-out orders raised $300, average, per participating eateries.

HERspanic Achievement Celebration offers sponsors & patrons a multi-media avenue of exposure and promotion that is unparalleled. HERspanic offers multi-media brand placement, print (card invites, banners, backdrop), social media, and at the event.

Exhibitor table space, program listing, multi-media coverage & live-stream exposure, the environment for excellent social & professional network is a great way for marketers and local businesses to tap into a ready audience of communities and leaders.

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HERspanic Achievement Celebration

Mother's Day Weekend where you CHOOSE who to honor. Fin de semana del Día de Las Madres donde usted elige a quien honorar.

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