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Alberto O. Cappas

Poet/Writer/Journalist/Publisher / /

About: Alberto was born in Puerto Rico, raised in New York City. He studied at the State University of NY @ Buffalo (1968-1972). Alberto has been a community activist for most of his life. While he has committed to writing, his passion is community and political provocation. The writing has been a part time interest.  He is the author of the "Educational Pledge" , highly used in the public schools; it addresses the need to establish positive values and standards, essential to one's growth and development as a human being.  Alberto is a visionary and community building, founder of several organizations designed to enhance the growth and development of the Puerto Rican/Latino community.  

Community Vision:  I would love to see "real" Latino educators and leaders in our community.  We have too many Kool aid educators who graduate from higher education, but leaving the intelligence behind. We have too many religious groups associated with local politicians. There is too much social decay. I would love to see honesty and integrity in the people that are supposed to lead us into the future. They take us in the wrong direction while they move forward in the "right" direction for themselves. We need to stop "writing proposal" (begging) and move toward self-development, self-sufficiency, self-reliance.  

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