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In the forefront of building the infrastructure to propel this literary and art journey is "El Festival del Libro/Festival of Books", a place-making, live, first-draft use of the printed word event featuring the literary & art communities to participate by networking, selling, marketing, and promoting their creations.


This annual bilingual literary & literature event highlights Latin@ poets, writers, authors, and photographers in East Harlem, NYS, other areas of the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central & South America. La Fortaleza and El Festival welcome indigenous language speaking people as well. Though our primary focus are Latin Americans, we are not exclusive and recognize the value of other foreign languages writers and readers, including those with disabilities.

La Fortaleza achieves its mission on behalf of our literary and art community by offering the following services to writers, students, seniors. & youth included.



a. Webpage

   b. Speakers Bureau: 

   c. La Fortaleza News (Monthly publication)

   d. Poster Project

   e. Networking 

   f. Public Readings, Workshops, Seminars

   g. La Fortaleza Small Press

   h. Friends of La Fortaleza

   I. Annual Latin@ Book Fair


If you would like to contribute, market, or promote your work, or speak at this event, feel free to send us your information here.

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Product visibility to the Latino Market:
Sponsors/Co-Sponsors are welcomed
Email to:
Eventbrite Link:



Sponsorship Level #2


Select quantity: Sponsorship Level #2 price: $3,000.00

Sales end on Sep 23, 2022

Perks: 1. Featured workshop during El Festival del Libro. 2. Five-minute YouTube video of their involvement at El Festival del Libro. 3. 1/2 page ad in the printed program. 4. Sponsor's name appears on all online marketing materials. 5. Table space at El Festival del Libro where sponsor can display their own backdrop/company signage and handout materials. 6. On-stage signage,


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Book Lovers are welcome

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