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Poet, Writer, Publisher

ABOUT: Influenced by studies in Sociology/Deviant Behavior studies at John Jay College, Jose dedicated himself as a history/English teacher and crisis counselor working with “At Risk Youth” went on to developing and implementing dropout prevention, community outreach, and alternatives to incarceration programs for Outward Bound, Planned Parenthood, The National Congress for Neighborhood Woman, and El Puente After School Center. Now a published author, established performing poet, and former editor/writer for The New Tomorrow, a N.Y.C. Lower Eastside monthly community publication has recently joined The Buffalo Latino Village family to establish and maintain a monthly “Community Outreach and Empowerment Column. He is the publisher of the New Tomorrow, a monthly publication in Connecticut. 

COMMUNITY VISION: I am the ghost of the gypsy kings, the voice that lays dormant in the back of your head. That which calls onto you, that which you which you call upon   I am the echo of forefathers and the voice of offspring's in the distance

I am that which escapes the charts of maps and eludes your wildest dreams I am the stream of cream that screams to rise up to the top of your cup of thoughts where then to the listening ear outpoured some rhythmic guitar strings of truth to contemplate the fate of things presently ignored...

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