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Sol Aramendi   
Photographer/New Media Artist/Founder, Project Luz




ABOUT: “I’m an artist, but this, [community-oriented work], is part of my artwork.” Sol Aramendi is a photographer and new media artist from Argentina who creatively empowers populations that are largely underrepresented in the NYC arts community. Aramendi is the founder of Project Luz, a photography program for immigrant adults; she sees it as “a way to help them arrive” as well as a way for them to  “learn english through photography”. She also helped to develop the first photography program for autistic and visually-impaired community members in New York City. In her own work, Aramendi repeatedly draws inspiration from Latino immigrant culture and from eclectic resources in the community that others might overlook. As a D.J., her archives include records pulled from the trash piles at El Barrio’s public housing sites. For one of her film projects, she interviewed elders at Cassabe Houses, asking them to share their stories of immigration. In each of her pursuits as an artist and educator, Aramendi demonstrates that art is without boundaries.

COMMUNITY VISIONS: El Barrio needs more space for artists to exhibit their work. According to Aramendi, there needs to be more public space that can be used for the arts, so that the "community can come together."


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